Axe the Snake

A torrent of twisted, tantalising, tormenting thoughts sank its fangs into its prey, as sharp as the pointiest blades of pastime warriors.

Rana's Words
2 min readMar 11, 2023
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These blinding, unbearably provoking thoughts ate away at their victim’s flesh, feasting on their vulnerable fears and their deepest, darkest memories they futilely attempted to keep concealed within the hollow confinement of their minds.

But alas, they did not stand a chance.

Who had the courage to defy the roaming beasts of brutal mockery sadistically driving its captive prisoners to inexplicable insanity? Who dares stand against them? Not even the mightiest warriors were able to hew off the venomous branch of poison infiltrating their minds during battles they have fought.

Like a snake coiling around its hunted dinner, slow and slithering, slippery and certain, its grip on its meal tightens with every twist it commands its body to perform, your mind is begging you to stop suffocating it.

Are you going to listen?

But wait — who is this nimble little human charging with a derisive curl of his lips and a wooden sword clutched in his hand? His brows furrowed in frustration, the creases between them digging into his youthful skin, and his eyes darkening with fury as he ran, screaming at the top of his lungs, towards a dark mass of indecipherable evil. His heart pumped courageously, erratically beating as his bravery allowed the adrenaline to seep into his consciousness.

“You shall perish, and you will never provoke me again, you wicked beasts!” He roared, for his mind had been set, and he would no longer allow darkness to infiltrate his mind once again.

Throwing his toy sword with all his might, straight toward the mass of darkness, the wooden blade cut through every horrific thought with no remorse. It did what it had to — axe the snake that coiled around his little human mind and poisoned it with its venom, instilling the tormenting agony that his thoughts ambushed him with.

No more.

The snake must die.

As it drifted away as wisps vanishing into the night sky, he smiled victoriously. The weight of his pain lifted off his shoulders, and he could suddenly breathe again.



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