Golden Globe

It’s that time of year again, where the earth turns into a golden marble in the universe, and traces of fairy dust sprinkle the air.

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2 min readSep 15, 2023
Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

There’s a hint of mystery laced within the breathtaking sight of crunchy, golden leaves. There’s a scent of playfulness within the pumpkin spice lattes and a dash of warmth in the cinnamon cupcakes. Everything beautiful must have a catch, and the season of autumn is no different.

Trees shed their luscious leaves, but not before painting them orange, and giving youthful souls a game to play. It was their bittersweet gift to people, for trees now had to endure a harsh winter with nothing to shelter them. But it was more than worth it to watch laughing children and excited adults target the crunchiest leaves on the pavement and jump on them.

This may sound like a myth, but every year, every person that steps on a leaf and anticipating it to crunch in Autumn, a new tree is born with that person’s name. That’s what a person would hope for anyway, and hope is a magical thing.

There is magic in the hope of a better world, magic in the hope of a happier life, magic in the hope of staying healthy forever. It’s a powerful thing, hope, that trumps every negative feeling. For every leaf that falls in Autumn, children make a wish. For every pumpkin that’s carved, people feel closer together. For every sniff of cinnamon carried by the cool breeze, happiness eases its way into your heart.

Trees do so much more for the world around them. They may be exposed to harsh winters, but they would do it again and again if it meant protecting its inhabitants of sheltered squirrels. It’s magnificent and admirable, the way trees don’t have to move and don’t have to speak to help others. They protect, they bring joy, and they do it selflessly.

If mirrored onto people, simple acts of kindness this autumn are the equivalence of what trees do for everyone every year. And kindness travels beyond your comprehension. It stays with the receiver for longer than you could possibly imagine, and leaves a trace of yourself in their heart.

And I don’t think there’s anything more magical than that.



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