If Your Life Was a Musical

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3 min readNov 22, 2023

Would you rejoice or recoil?

Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

Allow me to paint a picture for you. You walk into the very same grocery store you visit each time, on a mission to grab a carton of eggs, and a block of cheese. You already had a dreadful day, a series of truly unfortunate events that keep targeting you.

So, when you pull out a box of six eggs, your sleeve gets caught in a hole present in the neighbouring box. Before you know it, box after box are crashing on the floor in a consistent cracking sound, and a pool of yellow goop pools around you, the yolks kissing the dirty floor and caressing the soles of your brand new shoes.

You violently flinch, and squeeze your eyes shut, already feeling a frustrated sob crawling up your throat and threatening to spill out into the air. You open your mouth, ready to cry, but what comes next shocks you.

A miserable tone, singing, the words tumbling lazily after one another in the commencement of a song.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve this.”

You frown, stunned by your own actions, but you keep going.

“But I am on the brink of calling it a day … and it’s only 12 noon.”

You walk slowly, the yolks teasing you by forcing you to slip on its slippery surface and landing on the floor painfully. Wincing, and noticing your hands are flat on the raw eggs, you scrunched your face in repugnance.

Suddenly, two people emerge out of nowhere, offering you their gloved hands. The girl with the strangest bob of hair grinned at you, and sang, “Hold on a while longer, my friend.”

You most definitely weren’t her friend.

The male stood next to her sang, “Grab our hands and there’s nothing we can’t mend.”

They were rhyming now? You eyed them hesitantly, before latching onto their hands and letting them help you up.

“Oh, do you look grim.” The girl still sang.

“And slimy.”

“You do not have to give in to life’s obstacles!” The girl spun you around as she sang a high note, and you stumbled.

“What is happening?” When you sang these words, you quickly added in song, “Why am I singing?”

Two seconds later, there’s the sound of a drum, and a pop beat, and you blinked in sheer confusion, and a the grocery store staff all join in song, dancing around and singing about life and bad luck.

You don’t have to tell me, but answer this question — would you stare in horror and violently cringe, or would you give in and join them ecstatically, embracing the absurdity of the situation and the energy?

Don’t worry, it’s not for everyone. I for one, would be mortified, and would try to sneak out of that grocery store one way or another (but not before paying them back for the eggs of course).

If you’re one to join the musical life, then you are probably a ray of sunshine that most likely sniffs every flower you walk past just to not disappoint the other flowers. You probably give your objects human names, such as Penny the Plate, or Chloe the Cup.

Whether you rejoice or recoil at the thought of life being a musical, one thing is certain — you are who you are, and you should be so unapologetically. Just because someone is comfortable with something, does not mean you have to be comfortable with it too. Take a moment to consider your qualities and personality traits, point out what you appreciate about yourself, and be proud of the wonderful person you are, and the even more incredible version of yourself that you will become.

Besides, those who recoil … most probably listen to music on their headphones while rolling through life, pretending they are in a music video. They just do it in secret, so for their sake, I am hoping you keep their secret too.



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