Moonlight Dance

“When the moon tells you something, believe it.” — DreamWorks Animation

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3 min readFeb 3, 2023
Photo by Milo Weiler on Unsplash

She did not need music to dance. Underneath the moonlight, in an outstretched open field, there she was, spinning in graceful circles, without any source of music to encourage her movements.

Her heart gave all of it to her. It gave her the melody to dance to, and she did exactly so all night long, with the moon cautiously watching over her, and the stars littering the sky twinkling in adoration towards her.

Her long curled hair flailed around her as she spun and moved, making it dance along with her, and barely having any time to fall still and limp against her back, for she never ceased moving. Her eyes were fluttered shut, her long eyelashes tickling her skin slightly, and a beautifully peaceful smile was etched onto her content face, allowing herself to feel every moment the night provided her with, and she felt as though she were in heaven.

The soft breeze caused the hairs at the back of her neck to rise, but she loved it. She loved the feeling she got when she had goosebumps. In fact, she loved the fact that she could feel everything. It reassured her that she was alive and living, and she would never trade that for anything. She inhaled deeply, the strong scent of grass and lavender filling up her nostrils, and she quickly rubbed her nose to stifle a sneeze.

Her sky-blue dress swayed with her slim figure as she gracefully moved from side to side, and she quietly hummed a tune to herself. The trees felt inclined to rustle back and forth with her, whistling against the wind, and giving her backup music as she picked up her pace and danced with more passion and emotion.

She put her soul into this dance, for she wished to not use her soul for any endeavour. Life is only worth experiencing if you allow your soul to take part in it.

When she was finally out of breath, she threw herself to the grass, her back hitting the green carpet, and she panted softly, her pretty little eyes still shut.

Time had stopped, and the moon tilted slightly as it curiously gazed at her. The stars halted their shimmers, awaiting the girl’s next move, and the trees held their breaths in anticipation.

She opened her eyes.

Pools of honey stared up at the sky in delight, and a grin slowly etched its way onto her face at the sight of the moon surrounded by brightly lit stars.

Giggling softly to herself, she whispered, “when the moon tells you something, believe it.”, recalling her latest memory of her favourite story.

The moon was her friend, and she was his — and so, she knew she was safe under its light, and her pure happiness fuelled her urge to swing her feet back onto the grass, and have one more music-less dance.



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