Serendipity is Just a Compilation of Happy Accidents

It’s always the little things that make the most difference and go a long way

Rana's Words
2 min readMay 11, 2023
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

It is when the sun and rain delicately touch and give room for a pretty rainbow, creating hope in a bleak storm. Or when the moon is faded, but still sighted in the early hours of dusk, when it isn’t meant to be exposed, offering a gentle glow and a soft-spoken morning. When the watercolours misbehave and spread across your parchment, but end up creating something more beautiful than what you had in mind.

Dust particles move at an idle pace in the sunshine seeping through a window, and casting a mesmerizing, entrancing glow. Bodies of water reflect sunlight, as though it were made of glitter. Grains of sand escape through the valleys between your fingers at the beach as you try to hold a handful, its soft texture caressing your palm.

Pomegranate seeds shining brighter than rubies, resting in a glass bowl, tasting as heavenly as the sweetest honey. It is when the early hour fogs instill a deep sense of calm and stillness in the world, as though only you wandered in it, and it was all yours.

Accidents are not always atrocious. On the contrary, they may be exactly what you need in your life. They offer new perspectives, silver linings, and alternative solutions to existing problems. Happy accidents not only exert a startled gasp from individuals but a delighted laugh too.

It’s only when the initial shock of the aftermath of a happy accident wears off that you truly see what opportunities lay ahead. If anything, happy accidents redirect your life in unexpected ways, but you welcome them with open arms.

So keep a look out for these hidden gems waiting impatiently to show themselves to you, and when they do, please don’t turn them down.



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