The Field of Serenity

Nature has its odd ways of leaving you with no choice but to stop and gaze at what it’s showing you.

Obviously, you do have the choice to turn your back on it and carry on walking, moving forward, and leaving it behind as it begs you to admire it. You have that choice, and yet, nature almost always wins.

It’s strenuous attempting to walk away from something so inexplicably beautiful. Why would you, anyway? Why would anyone walk away from something that offers you a real life canvas with a real life painting of the most magnificent sight to behold? It’s better than a painting, because it is real. You are inside that painting; you are an important part of it, because if you won’t look at it, admire it, and appreciate it, then what is its purpose in your life anymore?

So there you stood, in stunned silence, your eyes refusing to believe that you were actually seeing this right now. Have you ever seen something so exquisite, that your brain can’t wrap itself around the fact that it’s real?

Photo by Wolfhorn

The sun was touching the horizon with effortless grace, about to take its leave and rise somewhere else in the wondrous world, and as a parting gift, it left behind a splendid splash of red, orange, yellow, purple and pink, tainting the sky with a beautiful blend of colours that no painter in the world could ever masterfully manage to bring to life on a canvas. It was truly breathtaking, but that wasn’t all.

Underneath that natural masterpiece laid an infinite field of cotton grass, only, at this time of day, it is exceptionally special. Every cotton ball on that field mirrored the breathtaking colours of the sky, giving them all a picturesque pink glow that made it absolutely hard to resist gazing at them infinitely. It was like a never ending mass of pink cotton and green blades of grass, with a never ending mass of complex warm colours in the sky.

As you slowly wandered through the field, you dipped your hand through the sea of cotton, and you allowed your fingers to brush through the soft cotton grass tickling your skin. You caught yourself irresistibly grinning, your set of teeth exposed for the world to see, and you hardly noticed the breeze pick up speed, causing your skin to develop goosebumps.

But you did not mind. Once you were convinced that you’ve walked into the depths of the field, you sat down around the cotton swaying left to right, and you inhaled deeply.

Upon exhaling, you looked around you and noticed that the sky had considerably darkened, and the stars would soon come out to show off their brightness and gloat about which one was brighter among one another. The moon would rest in the sky, and would provide you with a comforting silver light, granting you with access to walk as you pleased without being afraid of the darkness that loomed right around the corner. The moon and stars were bright enough to keep the space bright.

You considered staying here a little longer, unwilling to leave the beautiful field of cotton grass just yet, and wishing you could have a little home here so you can come and go as you please, and you would never miss the field again.

As you wished for that, the cotton grass around you leaned into you slightly, nudging you and assuring you that it was always going to be here for you. It wasn’t going anywhere.

It will wait for your next visit with anticipation, for it liked you as much as you liked it, and it thanked you deeply for stopping and cherishing its beauty.



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