Tiptoe Through the Daisies

A field of playful flowers, a scent of a sacred earth, a cycle of dawn and dusk.

Rana's Words
2 min readMar 13, 2023
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You meandered through the countryside’s fields, keeping your eyes lazily peeled for what you’ve been searching for throughout the stroll you’ve begun. Birds chirped through the early morning, their songs harmonising and bringing a calm smile to your face. Butterflies flapped their colourful wings near you, almost bringing you to a halt as you observed them going through their morning with ease.

As the breeze picked up its speed, you couldn’t help but shiver slightly, and bury your chin deeper into your scarf, entirely concealing your mouth at this point. Desperately digging your freezing hands into the depths of your pockets, you propelled your legs forward, determined to keep walking to the destination of your choice.

You were in no rush, but the chilled wind nipping at the exposed flesh of your face and ankles was driving you to a near-sobbing mess. Huffing adamantly to yourself, you obstinately concluded that the weather would not defeat you.

It truly was worth it, because as your gaze finally landed on the field of daisies just up ahead, with the sunrise on the horizon casting a delicious amber glow, you felt your heart race in excitement. You quickened your pace, a slight bounce in your step, and when you finally walked through the field, you held your breath in anticipation.

Tiptoeing through the daisies, you were excruciatingly cautious not to accidentally step on a single flower. You watched in wonder as the daisies’ petals one by one unfurled, greeting the day with a jovial grin, and stretching their little limbs.

There’s nothing quite like it. Its simplicity made it beyond magical, and its nature set a mellow tune to your day. You didn’t want to leave just yet. Breathing softly through your nose, you looked up ahead, and watched the sun slowly rise, waking every living being in the process.

New days, new dreams, new ambitions.

May your day be as uplifting and magical as the daisy field kissed by the early, rich glow of the sun.



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