What if we had dormant supernatural abilities this entire time?

Consider it for a second. In a current society which rebukes and shuns anything exceeding the norm, our ancient ancestors may have possibly discovered a way to suppress their peculiar power in a manner that is undetectable by the non-believers, for the sake of our protection and survival.

Ancient Greeks were exposed to the wonders of the world whilst lacking the skill of logic and had little to no access to knowledge. Therefore, when things made absolutely no sense to them, to cope with their fear of the unknown, they created an image of Greek gods, now identified in the stories of Greek Mythology. Each god had a specific skill-set and supernatural abilities that they believed crafted and moulded the world we live in today.

Of course, given today’s access to technology and abundant knowledge accessible to millions of people across the globe, along with spiritual beliefs, we are most certainly aware that these Greek stories are simply fiction — however, we do often find ourselves drawn to them, not because we believe in them, but because we’re curious about its abnormality.

What if some of our ancient ancestors possessed supernatural skills that in their time, were used and exploited, out in the open for everyone to see, and made the world a better place and more convenient for its residents? A person who can bend time to stop a loved one from making a terrible mistake that would result in the chaos and destruction of thousands of other people. Another who has incredible strength, enough to carry an entire office building, thereby helping in construction to make the process much quicker. Someone who can breathe underwater to save any person drowning at sea without risking their own life. The list goes on, really.

Of course, this is all pure fiction. A human being cannot possibly have any supernatural ability — their bodies are not fit to wield that much power. We are more fragile than you might think. Would you like some proof? What happens to you when you get a terrible headache? You cannot handle it and you get highly irascible. Now, imagine you had the power of mind reading. Think of how draining it would be for your mind to read another person’s mind. If a simple headache wears you down, you wouldn’t possibly be able to acquire that much power, let alone use it wisely.

But what if we had something inside of us that is locked away and sealed shut deep within us, waiting to be unleashed and provide us with a vast capacity for an inhuman skill-set? What if there’s a certain endeavour needed to be accomplished in order for us to dip into the power of fiction? Of course, blending reality with fiction often results into a confused individual with a developing migraine, but it’s entertaining to let your mind wander into the world of non-reality. This is how writers and directors deliver quality content for you on a screen or paper that allows you to get lost into and enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with letting your imagination wander, for it can lead to the most creative ideas of all, but don’t let it stray, for it can lead to the danger of losing your mind to the infinite possibilities of things that are factually and scientifically untrue.

Fuel your imagination without losing your anchor of reality, and you’ll be alright.



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